Organizing and Advocacy

The UFW Foundation is specifically dedicated to improving the lives of farm workers, immigrants, and Latinos through legislative advocacy, community outreach, and organizing. The UFW Foundation strongly believes in the power of organizing and empowering communities to achieve human dignity for all. Through its Systemic Change department, the UFW Foundation reaches and engages thousands of Latinos, farm workers, and immigrants ready to take action on the issues affecting their communities. Systemic Change organizers and coordinators provide vital community information such as Know Your Rights events, assist with voter registration efforts, and engage workers and allies in resilient, strategic actions to ultimately win legalization for farm workers. The UFW Foundation’s organizing team also engages in key local campaigns to stop the inhumane expansion of for-profit immigration detention centers. Additionally, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Systemic Change team has focused on providing face masks and food distribution events in rural communities. To date, we have distributed more than 300,000 face masks, more than 35,000 food boxes, and 189,000 restaurant-prepared meals to our communities.   

Sign Our Petition to Protect Farm Worker Wages

On September 30th, the Department of Agriculture took an unprecedented step toward reducing farm worker wages. Stand with us in stopping this travesty and support our lawsuit against Sonny Perdue. Sign our petition TODAY!


Fight for Farm Worker Protections with The UFW Foundation! #SiSePuede

Farm Worker Legalization

Fight for Farm Worker Legalization with the UFW Foundation! #SiSePuede

Dream Act

Fight for the Dream Act with The UFW Foundation! #SiSePuede

Worker Rights

Fight for Farm Worker Rights with The UFW Foundation! #SiSePuede


Fight for Farm Worker Protections The UFW Foundation! #SiSePuede