Flooding and Climate Disaster

Stand with the UFW Foundation in demanding government support for farm workers affected by climate disasters.

Climate disasters have intensified due to climate change and are impacting farm working communities all over the country. From droughts to heavy rainfall to floods, farm workers who live paycheck to paycheck are losing more than just money: they are also losing their homes and communities.

Heavy rainfall may be good for drought-stricken areas, but because of drought conditions, rain can negatively affect the lives of farm workers in farming communities, especially in California. In California, extreme rain after years of drought conditions has caused severe damage and flooding of agricultural communities. Fields were flooded, which caused crops to fail, which then causes a shortage in the need for workers. Not only did the floods affect farm workers’ working conditions, they also affected their living conditions, with flooding damaging and even destroying farm worker homes.

Additionally, intense rains caused by climate change also may force farm workers to move out of their communities to seek work elsewhere, making their lives less routine and uncertain. Changes in rainfall patterns and temperatures have led to a shift in crop production to the north, forcing farm workers to face an increased likelihood of severe winter conditions, such as blizzards and snow freezes. While companies have their corps insured, farm workers are not and don’t get paid leave when crops fail.

Immediate action is needed to help farm workers continue to provide for their families, their community and the global food chain.

Will you join us in demanding lawmakers create social safety nets for farm workers affected by climate disasters?

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