Federal Heat Protections for Farm Workers

Tell OSHA to Establish Immediate Heat Standards 

Heat is the leading weather-related killer of farm workers and it is becoming even more dangerous every summer. As temperatures continue soaring, farm workers across the nation must be protected from the dangers of heat. Farm workers and construction workers suffer from the highest rates of heat illness, but all outdoor workers in many other industries are at risk as well. 

Heat-related illnesses can cause heat cramps, organ damage, heat exhaustion, stroke and death. There is currently no federal heat standard that ensures the safety and health of workers who are exposed to dangerous heat conditions in the workplace. Only a few states: California, Oregon, Minnesota and Washington, have already adopted their own heat stress standards which have saved countless lives and must be taken nationwide.   

OSHA currently points to its "general duty" clause, which says that employers have a fundamental obligation to ensure a safe working environment. But, that’s not enough. What is urgently needed is a heat standard, a binding rule that would legally require the specific protections workers need to not be killed by heat. 

Shade, water, paid rests and trainings prevent heat illness and death. Farm workers are not asking for much, they’re simply asking to be safe while they work. 

Immediate action is needed to stop unnecessary deaths by creating national heat rules. 

Will you join us in urging OSHA to immediately establish heat protections for farm workers and other outdoor workers? 

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