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About Membership

Memberships are available to individuals who come into our regional offices and participants who take advantage of our programs and services.  

UFW Foundation members help the organization continue to provide services and aid in the expansion of the types of programs offered at regional offices.  

As a UFW Foundation member, you will join the hundreds of voices who are part of fighting for immigration reform, labor rights, dignity, and justice for all. 

Membership Benefits 

UFW Foundation members are entitled to participate in benefit programs. 

  • Benefits include: 
  • UFW Foundation ID 
  • American Income Life Accidental Death policy 
  • Union Plus Discounts
  • Benefits When Traveling 
  • Access to Members On Vacation website 
  • AAA Auto club Discount 
  • Discount 

Memberships are $25.00 and must be renewed every year to maintain benefits.
Find an office near you or complete the form here to purchase or renew your membership.