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The UFW Foundation, in partnership with other organizations and local governments, is launching mobile vaccination clinics for farm workers throughout California.

The farm workers who feed America have been laboring through a global pandemic for almost a year now. A UC San Francisco study underscores that not only are farm workers more likely to contract COVID, they’re also more likely to die from it as “relative excess mortality was highest in food/agriculture workers (39% increase).”

Together, we can ensure farm workers have access to vital information and necessities such as food, face masks, factual COVID-19 vaccine information and more.

What we've accomplished so far

1000 plus farm workers have been vaccinated in the county of Santa Clara. The UFW Foundation, United Farm Workers are collaborating with local governments to ensure vaccinations are available to essential farm workers.

Our goal

  • Expand farm worker access to vaccines.
  • Coordinate additional vaccination events in California.
  • Provide community education and resources on COVID 19 vaccine and prevention efforts.

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