UFW, UFW Foundation: battle to ban child- brain-damaging chlorpyrifos ‘is not over’



UFW, UFW Foundation: battle to ban child-brain-damaging chlorpyrifos ‘is not over’

Announcement by a major manufacturer that it plans on discontinuing production of chlorpyrifos, which the overwhelming scientific evidence shows damages the brains and lowers the IQs of babies and small children, was hailed by the United Farm Workers and UFW Foundation, which also warned the fight to protect those exposed to the still widely-used pesticide is not yet done.

"From agricultural fields to the meals that reach our tables, chlorpyrifos poisons farm workers and threatens the healthy development and intellectual potential of children across the nation,” said Diana Tellefson Torres, executive director of UFW Foundation. “We are fighting at the state and federal levels to rid our food supply of this neurotoxic insecticide and are heartened to learn that a major manufacturer will stop producing it. The fight to protect children and farm workers from toxic exposure is far from over since chlorpyrifos is one of nearly two-dozen nerve agents that are applied on our food.”

“Every day, farm workers are exposed to chlorpyrifos and other toxic chemicals that are sprayed on our fruits and vegetables,” said Teresa Romero, president of United Farm Workers. “Chlorpyrifos is a poison that damages children's brains. The move by chlorpyrifos’ biggest manufacturer to stop its production is a significant victory, but the fight to ban this chemical that poisons farm workers and all consumers from the food we eat is not finished. The wide use of pesticides on our food is a public health concern and we must continue working to protect our families from its dangers.”

Farm workers are available for interviews.



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