UFW & UFW Foundation Appreciates Governor’s Signature of SB 831

Sacramento, CA – The United Farm Workers and UFW Foundation welcome California Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature of SB831.

Authored by State Senator Anna Caballero, SB 831 authorizes the Governor to conduct negotiations with the Federal Government to establish a parole-in-place program for California farm workers who lack legal immigration status.

SB 831 does not in itself create any new legal status opportunities for California farm workers, nor can State or Federal government executive action unilaterally create a pathway to citizenship. However, SB 831 is a good first step towards providing California farm workers with a sense of security.

“We welcome the Governor’s signature of SB 831 and look forward to his leadership in negotiating a Parole program for farm workers in California, said UFW President Teresa Romero. “A parole in place program for California farm workers would help address the harm caused to farm workers and their families by threats of deportation, family separation, and lost wages and benefits due to their immigration status. This in turn would provide stability for California agriculture, improve public safety, and economic resilience in many California communities. In light of these significant public benefits, we expect the Biden-Harris administration will work diligently with the State of California to identify the best way to ensure the workers who make California agriculture possible are able to continue working in safety and dignity.”

“SB 831 is a step forward for California's farm workers,said UFW Foundation Chief Executive Officer Diana Tellefson Torres.Farm workers are among the most vulnerable members of our communities who are often overlooked and underappreciated. A parole in place program would protect California farm workers from deportation. It is the least we can do for the sacrifices they make to ensure that we all have food on our tables.”