Card Support

Activate your card.

  • Activation Code: 3-4 days after your card is shipped, you should receive a text or email with an 8-digit code. Write it down and keep it in a safe location.
    • Fraud Warning: Do not share this code with strangers.
  • Codes for Applicants with Shared Contact Information: If you share a phone number or email address with another applicant, please call us to retrieve your activation code.
  • Missing Activation Codes: If you lose your code, or never receive one, call us.
  • Online Activation: We recommend activating your card online. Click here to visit the activation website.
  • Activation by Phone: Alternatively, you can activate by calling the phone number on the card. Stay on the line after activating your card to set your PIN.

Use your card.

  • Card Information: Take pictures of the informational paper that comes with your card in the mail. This page contains important information about how you can use your card. You may need to look at it later if you experience any issues.
  • Ways to Use Your Card
    • At the Register: If you set a PIN during activation, select “Debit.” If you did not set a PIN, select “Credit.”
    • Online Shopping: Input your card details at checkout.
    • At the ATM: Use only non-bank ATMs. You may be charged fees by the ATM owner to withdraw cash.