California Applicants

07/01/2023: California Phaseout

As of June 30th, the UFW Foundation has closed phone applications for the Farm and Food Worker Relief (FFWR) for those who live in the state of California.

As a major organization facilitating this program, the UFW Foundation serves all 50 states and 3 US territories and our attention must turn to those states who have been underrepresented.

We are proud to have completed and approve almost 30,000 applications throughout California. Through our efforts and the support of our constituents, we were able to secure federal funding for farm workers throughout the nation. We continue to pledge our support for the expansion of this program by the US Department of Agriculture.

We urge all those who have yet to apply for this program to apply with the 15 other organizations that are still operating in California. For a list of those organizations, click here to visit our directory.

Thank you for your understanding.

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