Cecilia Garcia


My parents motivate me to fight for immigration reform. When DACA came into law it was very surreal. I was very happy that I had the opportunity to have a career and be able to get a driver’s license without having to wonder what it would be like without those opportunities.

In a way I cannot take away this feeling of guilt and sadness because the fear I feel that something could happen to my parents is still there. I felt like if anyone deserved an opportunity, it was them, they are hardworking people and I will stand to help them fight for immigration reform. Having a pathway to citizenship would be a huge relief to many of us and people we love. It is time for us to stop living in fear.

Immigration has always been a great impact in my family. I remember when I was young getting on the school bus and being afraid and asking myself if it would be the last time I would see my parents. My parents always stood strong, rarely showing how worried they actually were if something were to happen. Something as them getting stopped by a police officer with our knowing the outcome. But they worried about getting deported and what would happen to us.

My message to members of Congress would be for them to vote for a pathway to citizenship for dreamers and farm workers. Dreamers and farm workers have a great impact in the United States. Many of us are essential frontline workers helping the economy though the pandemic and beyond.

Si Se Puede!