Carolina DeLucas

My future is what motivates me to fight for immigration reform because there’s many things I want to do. I want to be able to apply to federal aid and financial programs without worrying about my status. I want to be able to live life without the constant fear that I’ll get deported. I want others to be able to be reunited with families they haven’t seen in years even decades.

A path to citizenship will truly change our lives because my parents will be able to see their brothers that they haven’t seen in over 15 years and I’ll be able to finally meet my family. A path to citizenship will allow us to open credit which is so important to buy a house and do more.

With the help of Congress and their votes, our lawmakers can give Dreamers and farm workers the American dream. A dream these people so long desire. Farm workers work long hours in every weather to provide for their families and get produce to stores. It’s time to give back and thank them for their sacrifices. Dreamers only know the U.S. and this is their home. Some of our Dreamers served in the pandemic and risked their lives to protect others. A simple yes can change their whole lives.

Immigration impacts us because we live in constant fear that we’ll get deported for just walking into a store.

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