Mission: The United Farm Workers Foundation’s mission is to open the doors of opportunity to working people and their communities.

Vision: We envision a clear path to social integration and civic participation for immigrants and their children.

Goals: Our goals are to

  1. Foster communities that engage immigrants as active and informed participants

  2. Reform our immigration system to access legal status for immigrants, and a clear path to citizenship

  3. Lead a national network of farm worker serving organizations to influence policy and expand services at the federal and local level

We accomplish these goals through these core programs:

  1. Our Service Centers are safe havens that provide critical resources and services--such as credible immigration legal advice--and act as hubs for educational outreach

  2. The Civic Participation Program engages farm workers and Latinos in the democratic process by telling their story and advocating for more equitable policies

  3. The “Si Se Puede® Network,” aligns farm worker-serving organizations and provides a national infrastructure to maximize our collective impact

Why UFW Foundation is needed:

The UFW Foundation is needed because it focuses on marginalized communities that are taken advantage of. Our Service Centers are on the frontline narrowing the gap of information immigrants need to successfully navigate American society—whether they seek legal advice, need help during a drought, or even when they want to tell someone about abuses at the workplace…they trust us.

We are the nonprofit with the largest number of OLAP accredited staff in California, and nationally, we are the second largest. We serve over 60,000 immigrants annually through a holistic approach; not only do we provide critical services but we engage our constituents in systemic change to break the cycle of poverty.