UFW Foundation Applauds Congress for Introduction of Pesticide Ban Bill

Washington, D.C — UFW Foundation and other labor organizations have endorsed the Ban All Neurotoxic Organophosphate Pesticides (BAN OPs) From Our Food Act (H.R. 8765) that was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on August 30th by Representative Nydia Velazquez (D-NY).

Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned all food uses of chlorpyrifos, the most well-known organophosphate pesticide, but only one among the dangerous pesticide group. If passed, the BAN OPs from Our Food Act would prohibit the use of all organophosphate pesticides in agricultural farming, which would be greatly beneficial to both farm workers and consumers.

Eriberto Fernandez, Government Affairs Deputy Director, UFW Foundation, said:

“As the son of farm worker parents who have labored in California’s agricultural fields for over 35 years, I urge Congress to ensure the protection of farm worker families who are on the frontlines of exposure to harmful insecticides. Not only are organophosphates dangerous to farm workers, they also pose a great risk to consumers who ingest produce sprayed with these pesticides. Organophosphates have no place in our food. To advance environmental justice and public health, Congress must ensure that its decisions leave no farm workers behind. To protect all farm workers, Congress must ban all uses of this neurotoxic pesticide and we will continue to advocate to that end. We urge lawmakers on both sides to come together and do the right thing for farm workers, their families, and consumers.  Food safety is a bipartisan issue and one that we can all agree is important to the American people.”