Get this: Chlorpyrifos, a toxic chemical known to cause brain damage and lower the IQ of babies and young children in America, is still being sprayed on the food we serve at our dinner tables each day. Even worse, that toxic ingredient was formerly used in Raid.


In 2017, President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency ignored the advice of their chemical safety experts and refused to ban chlorpyrifos after President Obama’s EPA proposed to eliminate it from our food in 2015. The fight is far from over.  To protect us and to hold the EPA accountable, the House and Senate have introduced important bills supported by the UFW Foundation: The Protect Children, Farmers, and Farmworkers from Nerve Agent Pesticides Act by U.S. Sen. Tom Udall (S. 921), and the Ban Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019 led by Rep. Nydia Velazquez (H.R. 230). Both bills would prohibit the use of any pesticide that contains chlorpyrifos.


We need your help so chlorpyrifos is banned in the United States. Please. Sign the petition today.  A nationwide victory will protect children from learning and memory impairments, protect communities and farm workers from pesticide poisonings when chlorpyrifos drifts in the air into nearby schools and neighborhoods, and prevent contamination of our food and drinking water from this public health menace.




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