Food Tastes Better When It's Just: Digital Campaign

We are excited to introduce Food Tastes Better When It’s Just, the latest digital campaign by the UFW Foundation. The campaign will elevate farm worker stories to advocate for more equitable policies – including:

  • Workers’ rights
  • Protections for both domestic and foreign filed laborers
  • Elimination of harmful chemicals and other dangerous work conditions
  • Clear pathways to legal status

Our goal is to engage communities, constituents, supporters, and congress with moving stories from farm worker members to take action steps towards systemic change.


Fundraising efforts will be put towards the continuation of services offered at the UFW Foundation offices, farmworker and immigrant advocacy efforts and educational outreach in remote farm worker communities. Examples include:

  • Informational sessions on legislation that affects farmworkers and immigrant communities
  • Know Your Rights workshops and other educational events throughout California and Arizona
  • Legal services – citizenship, family petitions, background checks & other service



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