We've been appealing to Congress for weeks for swift national action to protect farm workers and agricultural communities from the spread of the coronavirus. The peak summer harvest is starting and our worst fears are happening as farm workers are getting COVID-19. 

The FARM (Frontline At-Risk Manual) Laborers Protection Act (#FARMAct) was just introduced in the Senate by Sen. Merkley (D-OR) to take steps to resolve this issue. The #FARMAct would require emergency funding to agriculture recipients to include and implement  sick pay, pandemic premium pay, job security  and to follow CDC recommendations on sanitation and social distancing for farm workers

Many farm workers live in crowded dorm-like conditions -- some with beds only 3 feet apart -- and are moved from location to location in crowded buses. Physical distancing is not always practiced at work sites. As many farm workers are crowded in together and not 6 feet apart, this creates optimal conditions for the virus to spread. In addition to the potential for widespread illness, think about the shortage of labor this will cause and what that will mean for our food supply and the price we pay for food. Farm workers are out there right now doing the work that feeds us. Our government has declared them essential workers and in return needs to protect them. 

Please sign your name below in support of the FARM Act and text the keyword “Esencial” to 877-877 to receive the latest updates on COVID19 relief efforts.

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