A tie in the Supreme Court maintains Immigration Executive Actions Blocked

After a long wait and struggle supporting the DACA expanded programs and DAPA, today, the Supreme Court resulted in a tie. While today's split decision does not set any precedent for the Supreme Court. We know that DAPA and DACA are programs that benefit the United States and are legal, constitutional, and congruent with actions taken by presidents of both parties. The Supreme Court had the opportunity to provide clarity and direction for the nation. Instead, it has failed to provide this service for the American people. Our communities will continue to suffer as a result.


Although the draw is disappointing, we will explore all the legal options at our disposal. This battle is not over. We will not stop until every member of our community can live with dignity and without fear of being separated from their families.


We will do all we can to get this case back to the Supreme Court and we hope to have full set of judges who can make a clear decision. Unfortunately, we know this will not be a quick process and many families will suffer unnecessarily.


Although the erroneous result today is very disappointing, the DACA that was announced in 2012 is not affected as it was not in question in this case. DACA (2012) is still in place!

For more information, contact the UFW Foundation at 877-881-8281. It is important to know that there were never any applications for DAPA or DACA expanded. We invite the community to join us tonight at 6:00 pm for a community call with the farm movement to discuss today's decision and give it direction at regional offices.

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